Scissor Sharpening

As scissor specialists in the industry for 35 years we offer high quality scissor sharpening by a trained scissorsmith / bladesmith to all hairdressers in Australia. We offer pick up and return to all local customers, or drop off to our Castle Hill showroom, otherwise for all regional and interstate customers all you need to do is post your scissors to the below address and include your return address and we will handle the rest.

Hairdressers Hardware

20/22 Hudson Avenue Castle Hill NSW 2154

Attention: Brie

Please include your name, address and phone number (for contact for payment after service) and we will send the scissors back to within 1-2 weeks.

Pricing for scissor sharpening is $60 for all scissors dropped off and collected from us and $65 for pick up and return or for regional and interstate customers including return postage.

Hairdressers can rest assured that every pair of scissors that are sent to my workshop are serviced correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer's specific recommendations and guidelines. I also have the addition of adding different styles of edges, or custom edges, suited to different cutting styles; edge styles from slide cutting to barbering, micro-serrated edges and everything else in between.”


Scissor services include the following:

- Inspection of scissor
- Corrosion evaluation and chemical treatment if needed.
- Dismantle and replace worn or faulty parts. Bump stops. Centre screws. Finger inserts. Finger rests etc. (Repair if needed)
- Blade edging to manufacturer's specs and guidelines. (Modifications and custom edges are available, please contact for further info.
- Re-cutting and surfacing of balance faces, entry and exit faces, bedding faces, etc.
- Fine polishing of edges to ensure smooth and optimum cutting performance.
- Re-aligning and chamfering of tips to ensure the tips do not catch and do not cut into the skin—full test and evaluation for top performance.